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Yield: 8 portions
Borlotti beans dry 1 lb
Homemade water & olive oil poached albacore tuna. 5 ounces.
Calamari 5/8 size 8 ounces
Shrimp Tiger 31/40 size 24 each.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Lemon Juice. 1 cup
White vinegar ˝ cup.
Water 4 Gallon.
2 Bunche of chopped and dry Italian parsley

Italian "Borlotti beans, shrimp, tuna and calamari salad.


Wash the dry “borlotti” beans very well under cold running water. Put them in a container cover with water, and let them soak overnight. In the morning wash them again, and put it in a pot and cover with water, add salt, a herb bouquet wrapped with cheese cloth, drizzled a table spoon of Extra virgin olive oil. Cover the pot with his lid and place on the burner with a low flame. When the pot start boiling gently remove the foam create by the beans starch, with a large spoon. Start to fill the beans if they are tender, but not too cook. Remove then from the flame and cool it by running cold water in the pot, until the beans are completely cool down. Change them the water again and drizzled another spoon of extra virgin olive oil, refrigerated. Wash the albacore tuna remove the skin and the dark part. Cut the tuna in regular pieces; put in a half hotel pan, covered with water and oil touch of salt. Cover it with a lid and sealed everything with aluminum foil. Place in the confection oven at 80 degrease for 3 hours, until the tuna will be cook just right. Cool it down. Then refrigerated. Blanched the calamari and the shrimp in boiling water with the vinegar and salt. Cool it them in ice water. In a large stainless still bowl poor it the lemon juice with salt and the chopped Italian parsley and start stirring in the extra virgin olive oil until the right tickness. Presentation: Use a flat salad dish and place a stainless ring 4-inch width and 2 inch tall in the middle. Strained and seasoned the “borlotti” with salt and black pepper, touch of oil and parsley, and with a spoon placed at the bottom of the ring, then the albacore tuna topped with the dressed calamari and shrimp with the lemon- Extra virgin olive oil emulsion sauce. Serve.

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