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Yield= 4 Salad.
8 ounces of Mache' Lettuce.
4 fluid ounces of white truffle oil
4 each Bosc pears
1 large red beet
1 large yellow beet
1 cup of Italian sweet "gorgonzola cheese"

2 spoon of raw honey
8 ounces of tiger shrimp 26/30 size
2 ounces of Mache lettuce
1/2 cup of caramelized almonds.
2 ounces of chopped Italian parsley
1 glass of champagne vinegar
1 glass of canola oil
1 table spoon of Dijon mustard
2 glass of Prosecco wine
2 each cinnamon stick
2 each lemon juice
1 table spoon of brown sugar

Roasted red beets with poached pear,candy almonds and mache lettuce salad, garnished with garlic shrimp on honey "Gorgonzola" cheese dressing


For the pears:
Wash and peeled them, then boiled the glass of Prosecco wine with the cup of champagne vinegar; reduce to half, then chilled, add the peeled pear with brown sugar and cinnamon stick, bag the pear with some of the juice and vacuum sealed, immerse the bags on the sous vide water oven at the set temperature of 120 degrees for 2 hours.Chilled the bags in ice water and refrigerate.
For the beets:
Trimmed, washed and wrapped the beets in aluminum foil, bake them for a hour and 20 minutes in the hot oven at 350 degrees.Then remove them out of the oven unwrapped and peeled.
For the shrimp:
Sauteed the peeled and trimmed shrimp in a hot skillet, zest on the garlic cloves, add the chopped fine Italian parsley, keep it on site.
For the almonds:
Toasted the whole almond in the hot oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes, in the mean time let the granulated sugar melt on a large skillet as soon the sugar will start to caramelized to gold color, add the toasted almond and stirring in a coating them into the sugar, remove an place on a large stainless still sheet tray, let chilled down.
For the "Gorgonzola" cheese dressing:
In the blender poor in the juice liquid of the bags of the sous vide cooked pears, add the sweet Italian "Gorgonzola" cheese,lemon juice, with the raw honey and the table spoon of Dijon mustard, seasoned with sea salt and white ground pepper, start blending, emulsion with the canola oil until the dressing will start thickening.
Assembling the salad at the bottom of flat salad plate spread the dressing with a spoon in the center of the dish lay the sliced and seasoned, roasted beets dressed also with a touch of oil, topped with quarter cut pear and create a center allow to put the tossed Mache lettuce with white truffle oil, garnishing the salad with the caramelized almonds around.Place the 4 shrimp on the top of the beets and serve it.