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2 ounces of baby green zucchini
1 each orange
1 each vine ripe tomatoes
1 each red onions
1 ounce of aged "ricotta" cheese>br> sea salt and ground black pepper
2 ounces of baby mixed greens
1 spoon of red wine vinegar
2 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Vine ripe tomatoes tossed with orange segments, shaved raw green zucchini,marinated red onions,mixed green,aged ricotta cheese in a light red wine vinaigrette


Start by razor shaving the baby green zucchini with a sharp hand mandolin, into a bowl, peeled the vine ripe tomato with a potato peeler, add the celery also razor shaved, then sliced the red onion and boil the slices into, strained them and chilled under cold running water, pat dry over a towel, and marinated them with the red wine vinegar and a touch of sea salt, add the onion into the bowls, add the orange already clean peeled and filet the wedges, tossed all the ingredient together, seasoned with salt and pepper dressed with the extra virgin olive oil and the shaved aged "ricotta" cheese