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3 ounces of organic baby kale
sea salt and Fresh cracked black pepper corn
1 table spoon of extra verging olive oil
1 ounce of sheered Tuscan Pecorino
2 ounce of pork belly

Organic baby kale salad


Take the 2 ounce center cut of fresh pork belly and vacuum bag it, sous vide the bag at 135 degrees for 36 hours, than chilled ice water bag, keep it on site ready to use.In a bowl place the baby kale with sheered Tuscan Pecorino cheese, at this moment sliced thin the pork belly already remove it from the bag and deep fry at 300 degrees until crispy, let it chill down cut it in pieces and tossed together with the rest of the ingredients, seasoned everything with the sea salt and the fresh cracked black pepper corn,serve the salad