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6 ounces of burrata cheese (view here how to make it)
1 each yellow beet
1 each red beet
2 ounces of wild baby arugola
Sea salt and cracked black pepper
Basil oil

Handmade burrata cheese on roasted beets


View the short video on how to make burrata cheese,then wash and trim the tops of the fresh beets, wrapped individually on aluminum foil; then baked for 2 hours at 350 F. Unwrapped them after the baking time and let it cool down at room temperature, then easily peeled the skin out, cut it in regular square dice, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with sea salt and cracked black pepper, for the presentation take a stainless 4 inch ring and filled half way with the beets, first the yellow and the red on the top, add the arugula then place on the the fresh made 6 ounces burrata cheese, seasoned with more salt and pepper