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Yield 8 portions
Dry cannellini beans 1 lb
Shrimp tiger 26/30 size. 40 each
Roma tomato 8 each
Baby arrugola 1 lb
Extra virgin olive oil ½ liter
Lemon juice 1 cup

"Insalata di fagioli cannelllini, arrugola, pomodoro e gamberi"


Soak the dry cannellini beans, in water over night. Then strained and washed well. In a large pot put the cannellini beans cover with cold water. (The water need to be at least 3 inch more over the beans), salt, touch of olive oil, and herbs wrapped with a cheese cloth, Cook the beans at low flame and cover the pot with a lid, for about 45 minutes until tender. Then remove from the flame and put the pot in the sink and start running cold water until the beans are completely cool off. Strained and store it in plastic bucket cover with fresh water, and drizzled another touch of olive oil, keep it refrigerated until you will ready to use for the salad. Clean and peeled the shrimp. On a hot fry pan with a touch of olive oil, sautéed the shrimp, add the chopped and peeled Roma tomato, tossed few seconds, remove the oil from the frying pan, de-glazed with the lemon juice. Puts everything in a stainless still bowl add the baby arrugola, and tossed in few large spoon of cannellini beans, seasoned with sea salt and fresh craked pepper. Served warm right away.

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