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1 each grapefruit
2 ounce of angel hair pasta
2 ounces of fresh crab meat
1 stalk of celery
sea salt and ground black pepper
3 spoon of grapefruit citronette
2 spoon of basil oil

Grapefruit filled with crab meat angel hair salad and basil extra virgin olive oi


Wash the grapefruit remove the pulp and made the citronette.
Cook the angel hair pasta and chilled under cold running water, place in a bowl with the fresh crab meat, thin razor shave celery stalk, the chopped Italian parsley and the grapefruit citronette, mixed well, then presented by piling up the angel hair and crab mixed salad into the carved large grapefruit. Garnish the dish with drops of infused basil oil and fresh chopped Italian parsley.