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2 each Roma tomatoes.
2 ounces of fresh green Haricot beans.
4 tiger shrimp 26/30 suze.
2 table spoon of lemon citronette.
sea salt and black pepper

Warm steamed green haricot vert tossed with shrimp and lemon with extra virgin olive oil.


Peeled the Roma tomatoes, remove the seeds and cut it in small dices.Wash and clean the fresh green Haricot beans, then blanched in boiling water, strained and chilled under cold running water, place them in a bowl add the just pan sauteed shrimp with the zest garlic, then poor in the lemon citronette, tossed adding sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper, the tomato concassse, serve in a salad plate and drizzling around more lemon citronette.