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Yield 8 orders
Shrimp tiger 32 each.
Lemon juice 1 cup
Extra virgin olive oil. 1 liter
Barley 18 ounces
Parsley 1 lb
Garlic. glove peeled and boiled until tender.
Sea salt Pinch
Ground black pepper Pinch

Lemon and olive oil marinated shrimp on barley salad.


Peeled the shrimp and leave on them the tail, cut them in the middle to remove the interior. Wash the shells drain and make a stock with celery hearths, carrots and onions. And strained in another small pot. Blanch the shrimp in a salt boiling water with a touch of lemon juice. Cool them immediately in an ice water bath. Then prepare the lemon juice and olive oil emulsions sauce, cover the shrimp completely with the sauce, and refrigerated. Soak the barley for 3 hours in cold water then washed and gently boiled in the shrimp shells stock, for about 10 minutes, until tender, strained and cool it off by lay it out on a large sheet pan at room temperature. In a blender put just the washed and air dried leaf of fresh parsley with boiled garlic, blend with a touch of olive oil, until smooth. In a stainless still bowl put the barley, seasoned with salt and pepper and a touch of the lemon emulsion sauce, tossed with the marinated shrimp and place it in the middle of a salad plate, garnished the dish with the parsley sauce.

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