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1 each of red bell pepper
1 each of yellow bell pepper
1/2 yellow jumbo onions
raspberries mustard
1 spoon of extra virgin olive oi
2 ounces of baby carrots
1 ounce of baby mixed green
1 spoon of basil oil
1 ounce of aged "Ricotta" cheese.

Marinated julienne of bell peppers salad in a raspberry mustard and basil Oil


Clean and trim the baby carrots, blanched in a boiling water, strained and chilled at room temperature, then marinated them with sea salt and ground black pepper and few drop of extra virgin olive oil. Put the bell pepper lightly coated with oil in the preheat oven at 350 degrees, to roasted them, allow 20 minutes by turning the pepper on in the oven every five minutes, remove out and place them in a bowl cover with a plastic wrap. This will allow to create a steam inside by the roasted bell pepper to be easily peeled off the skin out of them.In the mean time slice the half yellow jumbo onion, and boiled in water, rinse the onion stripes under cold running water, pat dry over a towels place in another separate bowl, with the peeled and julienne catted roasted bell peppers, add the already made raspberry mustard, mixed adjust flavor with sea salt and pepper add the aged ricotta cheese cut into regular small cubes.In a salad flat plate arrange the bell pepper and onion salad mix on the middle, garnished with tossed mixed green with olive oi, the marinated baby carrots around and the drops of basil oil