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1 each fennel
2 each asparagus
1 each baby yellow beets
1 each baby red beets
1 each Roma tomatoes
1 each Japanese eggplant
sea salt and black pepper
Sheered Tuscan pecorino chheese
White truffle olive oil

Roasted assorted vegetable salad with shaved Pecorino cheese and drizzled truffle olive oil.


Wash and trim the edge of the beets then wrapped in aluminum foil, and roasted in the oven until a paring knife will go thru,Blanched the fennel until tender in boiling water, cut the Roma tomatoes in half and lay out over a sheet pan cover with parchment paper, seasoned the open face tomatoes, with sea salt and black ground pepper and olive oil, roasted them in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees, then cool down to room temperature. Then cut the Japanese eggplant in half long wise and brush the flesh with olive oil, put in hot non stick skillet for about 5 minutes, and then cool down on a baking rack, for the asparagus blanched them and chilled in ice water, as soon all the vegetable are prepare and cook, cut them in regular wedges, add the tomatoes and the asparagus put them in a fry pan in the oven again to reheat for about 2 minutes at 400 degrees, as soon as you remove out of the oven add the sheered Tuscan "Pecorino" cheese, tossed drizzled the white truffle olive oil, salt and pepper and serve in a salad plate with sprigs of fennel around the roasted vegetable.