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6 ounces size breast of chicken
1 cup of small button mushrooms
2 ounces of baby mixed green
1 table spoon of Balsamic glaze
sea salt and black pepper
2 ounces of mixed roasted bell peppers
1 each peeled shallots
1 cup of fresh chopped Italian parsley
2 ounces of Groovier cheese

Rolled breast of chicken filled with peppers, black olives and marinated mushrooms served with mixed greens and balsamic glaze.


Cut the breast butterfly then pounded thin in between two pieces of plastic wrap.Roasted the mixed color bell peppers to remove the skin, cut them in dices, zest the fresh garlic on, add the fresh chopped Italian parsley and the Groovier cheese cut it in dice also.Remove the top plastic wrap out of the pounded breast of chicken put the mixed color bell pepper mixture and rolled over the pounded chicken, by lifting gently the bottom of the plastic, as soon the log rolled is completely, seal the edge plastic wrap, place in a sous vide and vacuum seal the roll. Immerse the bag in the water oven and sous-vide at 120 degrees for about 45 minutes.Chilled the bag, then remove the rolled breast out of the bag, seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and a touch of olive oil; cut it into three regular slices 2 inch thick, presented the chilled rolled breast of chicken on a salad plate, with the balsamic glaze drizzled on the plate, garnished with tossed sauteed bottom mushrooms and the mixed greens, serve