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4 ounces of dry spaghetti pasta
3 ounces of fresh albacore tuna
1 bunch of Italian parsley
2 each lemons
1 Roma tomato concasse
1/2 cup of olive oil
sea salt and black pepper
1 liter of water
1 cup of sea salt
1/2 cup of lemon garlic citronette

The Albacore Tuna "Spaghetti" salad


Start of cooking the Albacore Tuna:
In a small stainless still pan put the liter of water with 1 cup of sea salt, immerse the Albacore tuna in this brine for 30 minutes, then remove the fish out of the water and place it in the sous-vide bag cover the fish with 1/2 cup of olive oil add the 1 lemon skin and seal the bag with your vacuum machine. Place the bag in the water oven bath and sous-vide at 113 degree for 33 minutes, then remove the bag from the warm water and chilled right away in a ice water bath, keep the fish in the bag until is ready to use. Cook the spaghetti in a salted boiling water until al dente, then chilled under cold water to remove the starch.In a large bowl open the tuna bag and crush the fish into the bowl with your hands, add the spaghetti pasta, follow with the fresh fine chopped parsley add the half cup of lemon citronette and tossed the spaghetti in the bowl until everything is mix well, add sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper to taste. Serve the spaghetti in a salad bowl garnished with parsley,lemon zest and tomato concasse.