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64 ounces of Italian peeled tomatoes
2 each whole garlic cloves
1/2 lb of fresh basil
1/2 quart of extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt and black ground pepper

Salsa di pomodoro


Open the cans of Italian whole peeled tomatoes, place in a large bucket and blended well with the immersion blender, then strain with the large whole chinoix into a large pot to remove all the tomato seeds, bring the tomato to simmer, for only 20 minutes, add the salt and the ground black pepper.In the mean time put the half quart of extra virgin olive oil in a sauce pan with the the cut in half garlic cloves, turn on the flame and let the garlic become gold in the oil, turn off the flame and add only the fresh leaf of the basil into the oil, then strain the oil into the tomato sauce, stirring in and chill down the tomato sauce, this can be refrigerate and use as you need it.

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