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Branzino whole 1
Leeks 1 bunch
Lemon 1 each
Sevruga Caviar 1 teaspoon
Micro green
Extra virgin oil 1/2 cup
Young potatoes 4 each
Sea Salt
Italian parsley 1 ounce

Steamed "Branzino" on leek vichyssoise, parsley potatoes and caviar.


Scale the fish first, cut open from the spine remove the intestine, cut the head off, seasoned with salt and fresh ground white pepper, rolled in "Carta Fata" seal tight the edges. Put in the oven at 300 F. for 35 to 40 minutes. In the mean time wash and clean the leeks, cut them in large slices, put it in a sauce and cover with water, simmer the leeks until tender, remove almost all water out, place it in a blender and blend with few spoons of extra virgin olive, light season it with sea salt. Strain it into a bowl. Peeled and cut the young potatoes in large pieces, strain out of the water seasoned with salt and pepper and fine chopped Italian parsley, drizzled some extra virgin olive oil, tossed. Assembling the dish by spreading the warm leeks vichyssoise in the center of the plate, add a scoop of the parsley potatoes, add a thick sliced cut of the steamed branzino, and garnished the top with the teaspoon of sevruga caviar, drizzled around little bit of extra virgin oil, few leaves of micro green.