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8 ounces cut Northern Halibut
1 ounces of fresh basil leafs
2 each single garlic gloves
1 each white fingerling potatoes
1 each purple fingerling potatoes
Shrimp shells
2 each shrimp 36/40
1 spoon of white wine vinegar
1 cup of olive oil
sea salt and black cracked pepper
1 each shallots
1 glass of white wine
1 table spoon of tomato paste
2 each of fresh bay leaves

Baked Northern Halibut with basil garlic crust, on white and purple fingerling potato, shrimp coulis vinaigrette.


For the Shrimp coulis vinaigrette:
Wash well the shrimp shells, toasted in the hot oven until crispy. In a sauce pan add some off the olive oil and add the chopped shallot, let sweat on the oil until soft add the shrimp shell, toasted, then add the tablespoon of tomato paste, keep stirring, add the white wine and cover the shell with just water, let the liquid simmer for few hours, then blend everything with a immersion blender, strain it to a fine sieve, and chilled. As soon the liquid is chilled, add the boiled garlic, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste, with the teaspoon of Dijon mustard, add the fresh lemon juice, the vinegar and emulsion with the olive oil until the desire thickness.
For the basil garlic crust:
Blanch the basil in hot water then chilled right away under cold water squeeze out the excess water and blended with the two already boiled garlic cloves, adding gradually the oil until a paste consistency seasoned with salt and fresh pepper to taste
For the fingerling potatoes and shrimp salad:
Cut the potatoes in regular pieces and boiled separately
chilled at room temperature in a bowl, steam the shrimp and cut in half long wade, tossed with the potatoes, seasoned it with sea salt and black pepper to taste and touch of olive oil.
Spread the basil garlic paste on the flash of the halibut filet and baked for 20 minutes cover in the oven at 320 degree, arrange the fish on top of the fingerling potato-shrimp with the shrimp coulis vinaigrette.