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1 each Scorfano Rockfish
1/2 bottle of carbonated water
2 cup of all purpose flour
sea salt
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 liter of pure vegetable oil
2 each of fingers limes. >

"Scorfano" Rockfish tempura, micro greens, finger limes


Clean the Rockfish garrett and scale it, wash it, filet the fish, (The body and heads can be use for fish fume' or stock).Poor the pure vegetable oil in a large casserole heat up up 275F. In a large bowl pour in the cold carbonated water add the sea salt and with a whip stir in the two cups of all purpose flour, maintain this "tempura" very cold, pat dry with a paper towel the rockfish filet, immerse them into the cold "tempura" mixture and deep fried in the vegetable oil. Fried for about 10 minutes. Remove the filet out of the oil and place over clean paper towel again, seasoned with little bit more sea salt, place on the serving plate, garnished with tossed micro green with extra virgin olive oil and squeeze on the side the two finger limes.