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8 ounces cut Ahi Tuna
1 spoon of cracked black pepper
2 each lemon juice
1 teaspoon of Dijon Mustard
1 cup of olive oil
2 ounces of fresh green beans
2 ounces of small square cut potato
1 each red onions
1 spoon of red wine vinegar

Black pepper seared Ahi Tuna on steam potato and green beans with vinegar marinated red onion and lemon citronette


For the citronette:
In a blender put the fresh squeeze lemon juice with the spoon of Dijon mustard, the sea salt start the blending and add slowly the cup of olive oil until the citronette will start thickening and well emulsion it. Wash and steam green beans and chilled in a ice water bath, boiled the small square potato until tender, then chilled down.
Dusted the eight ounces cut Ahi Tuna with the fresh cracked black pepper and seared on the hot skillet, turn in on every site of the fish to create the crust, let cool down and rest for 3 minutes in the refrigerator.
For the Marinated red onions:
Sliced thin julienne the onion with a slicer or a fine mandolin; boiled the cut onion for few second, chilled under cold running water and dry it over a paper towel add it in a bowl and seasoned with sea salt and pepper following with the red wine vinegar touch. I a dinner plate place in the middle the tossed potato and green beans with extra virgin olive with sea salt, pepper and fresh chopped parsley, topped with the cut in half seared Ahi tuna, garnished with the marinated wine and basted all of with the lemon citronette.