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1 each beef tongue
Few fresh bay leaves
2 jumbo carrots
1 jumbo red onions
4 stalk of celery
4 each garlic cloves
sea salt and black pepper
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 bunch of Italian parsley
1 each dry arbor pepper
romaine lettuce leaf

Lettuce wrap beef tongue on Tuscan relish


For the beef tongue:
Fill a pan with water add some of the carrots,onion and celery already chopped, and the fresh bay leaves, immerse the beef tongue and cooked after the water start boiling, reduce the flame cover with a lid for about three hours.
For the Tuscan Relish:
Finely chopped separately, the red onion, carrots and celery with some of Italian parsley, add the crushed arbor pepper, seasoned with salt and pepper and a touch vinegar, let it marinate in the fridge for 10 to 20 minutes before using, add extra virgin olive oil just before serving.
Blanch the romaine leaf lettuce and chill down in ice water, dry them over a towel keep it on site.
In a blender put the rest of the fresh Italian parsley leaf no steams with the garlic already boiled to remove the acidity, blended with the extra virgin olive oil.
Remove the skin from the beef tongue slicing starting from the end part of the piece, then cut it julienne, take the first dry blanched leaf of lettuce spread the parsley pesto then the tongue rolled and serve it over the Tuscan Relish

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