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1 whole rabbit
1 lb of Italian bulk sausages
Sea salt & fresh cracked black pepper
Hand made Porcini mushrooms "ravioli"
1 each green zucchini
1 each baby carrots
1 stick of fresh rosemary
1 glass of white wine

Boneless rabbit filled with Italian sausage with Porcini mushrooms ravioli, steam vegetable and rosemary aux jus


Wash and clean the rabbit and dry it with a paper towel, with a butcher knife carefully remove the bones. In a bowl break well the bulk italian sausage bring to taste by sprinkling some fresh grated Parmigiano Reggiano add 1 egg white only and mixed well.Place the sausage and filled the boneless rabbit with the mixture, place the rabbit over the special cooking film rolled thigh the edges with a twine and baked in a preheat oven at 325 degree for 25 minutes remove it and let rest. With the left over bones of the rabbit roasted them in the oven with the vegetables, then put in a sauce pan adding the spoon of tomato paste and cover the bones with white wine and water reduce by half and strained from the chinoix in another pan, reduce until syrup consistency. Assembling the dish:
In large entree plate put one piece of the cut rolled rabbit with a piece of leg, already rewarmed with the sauce and rosemary leaf garnished with steam ravioli lightly tossed with extra virgin olive oil and the sauteed assorted vegetables.

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