The Entree Recipes

Sauces Cured Salmon Consommes Fumets & Glace
Glazes Smoked Salmon Court- Bouillon & Blancs Marinades and Brines

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Coda di bue con piselli naturali e riso pilaf

Filetto di manzo sul tocco di patata, prosciutto cotto mouseeline, portobello e salsa chianti

Grilled beef filet on grape mustard, Italian "gorgozola cheese" baked polenta, garlic cream puree, crispy onion rings and green zucchini bouquet

Boneless rabbit stuffed with Italian Sausage, aux jus, served with "porcini" mushrooms ravioli.

Salmi' of wild boar with baked polenta filled with Tuscan kale

Pan roasted Branzino filet

Carta Fata Cooked red snapper chop on cream shallot puree, bell pepper confiture, Italian parsley and extra virgin olive oil

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Pan roasted John Dory filet with olive poached artichokes, oven dried tomatoes, lemon citronette

Sous vide cod with winter vegetables

Roasted veal chop

Grilled Scottish salmon on vegetable sweet and sour ratatouille with balsamic glaze

Chicken liver fricassee on grilled artichoke and potatoes brunoise

Pan roasted beef filet with Cabernet wine sauce, crispy spiral potatoes on sauteed porcini and toasted sliced potatoes

Roasted pork tenderloin stuffed with asparagus and goat cheese on baked portabello mushrooms and aux jus

Sauteed veal chop with porcini on butternut squash pure and seasonal veggies

Grilled seared black pepper crusted Ahi Tuna on steam green beans and diced potatoes lemon citronette

Italian sausage stuffed boneless quail with spring vegetable on Parmesan Cheese cracker and "Sangiovese" wine sauce

Roasted rack of lamb with vegetables on sliced pan baked potaotes; lemon rosemary sauce

Shallow poached Salmon filet on green zucchini "Spaghetti" and assorted bell pepper brunoised with "Prosecco" wine vinaigrette

Crispy skin black cod served with steamed green zucchini shell filled with red beets puree and saffron citronette

Shaved blanched almond crusted pan fried veal brain on razor sliced lemon arugula salad

Braised beef brisket slice roll with steam broccoli on whole grain mustard aux jus and garlic mashed potatoes

Pan fried Beef tripe filled with fig mustard, vegetables "confetti" citron sauce.

Sauteed veal cutlet with prosciutto and sage in a parmesan cheese white wine sauce and steamed asparagus

Grilled beef filet aux jus topped with Italian "Gorgonzola" cheese foundue and sauteed vegetables

Grilled New York steak "Tagliata" style on tossed wild baby arrugola

Grilled Florentine Style Beef Porterhouse

Tripe Florentine-Style served in a Parmesan cheese basket.

Florentine beef shoulder clod "stacotto" cooked in "Carta Fata".

Sauteed thin sliced beef tenderloin "Straccetti" with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Veal scaloppini in a Maidera wine with asparagus and roasted potatoes.

Roasted sliced New York Steak aux jus with vegetables

Rolled Beef filled with prosciutto and mushrooms

Roasted rosemary veal chop with spinach Parmesan cheese parfait

Lettuce beef tongue wraps on Tuscan relish

Stuffed leg of rabbit with sausage and rigatoni pasta timbale

Barbecue Chicken with "diablo" sauce

Roasted Prosciutto wrapped boneless turkey drumstick, with herbs filled and polenta.

Sauteed breast of chicken with chantarelle mushrooms in a port wine sauce and a roasted tomato filled with garlic spinach.

Steamed marinated breast of chicken in a roasted onion, capers sauce

Breast of chicken crusted with green pepper corn, assorted vegetables and Chardonnay wine sauce

Whole roasted boneless yuong baby chicken filled with mushrooms

Aged dry salted "Stoccafisso"

Turbo filet with garlic spicy tomato sauce with stewed potatoes and black olives.

Filled Mackerel filet with current and pine nuts, with basil risotto timballe and lemon cherry tomato coulis sauce.

Filet of Mackerel with potato, saffron risotto cake and roasted vine ripe tomato, lemon olive oil sauce.

Mussels water poached Mahi Mahi

Slow Roasted Mahi Mahi with a mushrooms and potato ratatouille filling, red bell pepper coulis sauce

Roasted Northen halibut with garlic and basil crust

Grilled Atlantic salmon with parsley lemon sauce

Pan fried cod "Baccala' in a spicy-garlic marinara sauce with soft polenta.

Tuscan traditional "Cacciucco" assorted seasonal fish bouillabaisse.

Roasted trout filet with garlic and parsley sauce over sliced toasted potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Sauteed filet of sole with dijon musturd white wine sauce.

Cryspy breaded and baked Orange Roughy with cherry tomato confit and toasted "Cremini"mushrooms.

Poached Dover Sole filet in a black olives,yellow tomatoes, garlic white wine sauce served over saute'spinach and roasted new potatoes.

Poached salmon filet with leeks and potato in a saffron vinaigrette

Crispy superior white fish in a spicy, garlic marinara sauce.

Grill beef tenderloin "Tagliata" olive poached baby artichokes,barbecue tomatoes on sliced baked potatoes, balsamic glaze

Roasted rack of lamb with vegetables and rosemary lemon sauce

Roasted pork loin stuffed with pine nuts,black olives and sun dried tomatoes served with potatoes,mixed bell pepper casserole.

Roasted Pork butt "Porchetta"

Sea Bream filet on steam leeks,parsley foam, grill calamari, baked zucchini, red bell pepper coulis

New Zeland Grouper filet on sliced baked potatoes and fume' rosemary emulsion

Grill Beef filet with pan roasted artichoke, Castelmagno cheese, honey glaze red wine sauce.

Tuscan braised cuttlefish "Inzimino"

"Scorfano" Rockfish "tempura",micro greens, finger limes.

Steamed "Branzino" on leek vichyssoise, parsley potatoes and caviar. Tuscan beef stewed Scottiglia with champignons mushrooms and asparagus.
Branzino filet.

Grill Sword fish.

Spanish Octopus

Breast of chicken

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken roulade

Braised beef roulade

Cauliflower Steak

Branzino filet in a saffron broth.

Pork Shank

Chicken Sassi

Braised Short rib.
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