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1 each rack of lamb
1 spring of Rosemary
1 each lemon juice
1 table spoon of olive oil
1 ounce of unsalted butter
2 ounces of lamb demi-glace
1 each baby carrot
1 each green medium zucchini
1 each Idaho potato
sea salt and black pepper
2 each broccoli floret
1 glass of white wine

Pan roasted rack of lamb on seasonal assorted vegetable and rosemary lemon sauce


Wash and clean the carrots, zucchini and broccoli; then blanch them separately, chilled in ice water, strain it and dry them with a towel keep in the refrigerator ready to use.
Prepare your roasted potatoes and keep it warm
Trim the excess fat surface of the lamb rack; heat it up a french still frying pan with the olive oil add the butter and then the lamb rack, basting the top of the rack with the juices and the cooking oil; turn it and repeat the operation until all the meat will be sear; place the frying pan in the hot oven at 350 degrees and let cook for about 6 minutes each side, keep basting the rack in between, when the time is rich remove the rack from the pan and put it on a stainless still rack on a warm part of the stove ( a shelf above your stove) cover the rack, discard 70% of the fat of the cooking add the rosemary in the rest of the cooking fat, followed with the lemon juice and the lamb demi-glace. Reduce the liquid; at this point steam the prepare vegetables, seasoned with salt and pepper and a touch of extra virgin olive oil, in a bowl arrange the roasted potatoes with the dressed steamed assorted vegetable, uncovered the rack of lamb and seasoned with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper cut it and presented on top of the veggies, basted with the warm lemon-rosemary sauce.