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6 ounces of veal top round
1/2 glass of white wine
1 cup of all purpose flour
4 sliced of Prosciutto
4 leafs of fresh sage
2 each asparagus
1 each sliced baked potatoes
sea salt and black pepper

Veal"Saltinbocca" cutlet aux jus with baked potatoes and steamed asparagus


Trim the fat out of the veal top round slice the four pieces and pounded under a plastic wrap, put each piece a sliced "prosciutto' and the fresh leafs of sage, sauteed this cutlet in oil and butter, both sides, discard the fat and add the white wine, remove the cutlet and reduce the juices with the wine and a spoon of veal demi-glace, in a plate arrange the cutlet with sliced balked potatoes cover with the reduce white wine aux jus reduction, garnished with the steamed asparagus.

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