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8 ounces trout filet
1 each garlic gloves
2 ounces of fine chopped Italian parsley
1 ounces of fresh oregano
1 table spoon of olive oil
1 spoon of all purpose flour
6 each regular asparagus
1 each potato
1 each of squeeze lemon juice
touch of butter
1 glass of extra virgin olive oil

Pan sauteed trout filet with Italian "Salmoriglio"


For the "Salmoriglio":
In a bowl put the lemon juice with sea salt and black pepper, add the fine chopped Italian parsley and the fresh oregano, emulsion with the glass of extra virgin olive oil.
Prepare the potato, peeled and cut in regular slices, blanched in boiling water until tender, then chilled under cold running water then toasted in a non stick skillet with a touch of soft butter, bring them to taste with sea salt and black pepper, blanched the asparagus and toasted in a pan with the oil.
In another frying pan heat it up with oil and butter, add the floured trout filet and sauteed both sides; in a large entree plate arrange the potato and the asparagus and cover the sauteed trout filet with the Italian "salmoriglio".