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1 each turkey drumstick
1 sliced of Italian prosciutto
black pepper
1 table spoon of crushed pine nuts
1 tea spoon of mild paprika
1 table spoon of chicken demi-glace
2 ounces of Italian corn meal polenta flour
1 table spoon of olive oil
1/2 cup of water
1/2 glass of white wine

Italian "prosciutto" wrapped turkey drumstick, aux jus with soft polenta


Remove the large bone out of the drumstick and leave the end bone on it, rub the turkey meat inside with the mixture of fresh cracked pepper, with paprika and the crushed pine nuts. Then wrapped the outside of the drumstick with the sliced Italian "prosciutto", baked in the oven on a roasting rack abot 30 minutes at 320 degree. In the mean time reduce the chicken demi-glace with the wine until rich syrupy consistency.
Prepare the Italian soft "polenta"; bring the water to boil, add the oil then slowly add the corn meal and continuing whisk in with a whip, as soon finish the corn meal, cooked for 45 minutes and continuing stirring with a wood spoon, to make sure it will not burn the bottom of the pan. Sliced the roasted Prosciutto wrapped turkey drumstick, presented with the scoop of "polenta" and cover the turkey meat with the sauce

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