1 lb of fresh Fish eggs
1 cup of water
1/2 cup iodize salt
4 ounces of sea salt
1/2 lb of white candle wax.

The "Bottarga"

The "Bottarga" is a traditional Italian product originally made from fresh catch tuna eggs, the process of curing and drying the eggs with a salty water bath called also a brine that can be easily obtain by dissolving the salt in water with just the half volume of water in salt the brine will be strong enough to start the process of curing and drying the fish eggs. Also is important to scale the wait of the fresh fish eggs, to calculate how much water and salt must be immerse the eggs into the brine. After finding all the information necessary you can start to drying your own fish eggs.
In this video above is illustrate the picture I took for this fresh eggs of a approximately 7Lb of Mackerel. After we open the stomach and start removing the eggs the wait was just a little bit over a pound and that how i decide to follow the guide line just cited above in the ingredients. Before start curing the eggs I left them on parchment paper in the cooler for a night to just start drying on his own without the brine. The following morning I dissolve the iodize 1/2 cup of salt into the full cup of water poring this brine in a shallow stainless still pan and then place gently the eggs in the brine. I put in the cooler again and left overnight. The following morning I remove from the brine and the eggs was already start to have a more solid and harder consistency and texture. The keep in a stainless still tray cover with plastic wrap place and lay out the eggs on the tray with 2 ounces of sea salt at the bottom and and the other 2 ounces cover the eggs and then left it them again in the cooler for another night. I suggest to use a sea salt with high humidity content is probably the best for this type of curing process. The following morning the eggs was solid and stiff, I decide to remove the excess salt and start the preservation process by immersing them in a melted white candle wax. I left cool down and then the "bottarga" is ready to use, for many recipe for pasta like bow tie shape, or penne, spaghetti, tagliatelle and even in top of pizzas or steam beans, the variation of the use is up to a great taste for many Chefs who knows and use "bottarga" in regular basic try it this recipe a make your own and save some money.

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