1 lb of fresh chickpeas
1 GL of Water
sea salt
Black Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive oil
8 ounces of fresh Calamari
2 each shrimp 16/20 size
1 bunch of Italian Garlic
3 leaves of fresh Bay Leaves
Whole garlic

Chill garbanzo beans soup garnished with shrimp and calamari marinated in a lemon extra virgin olive oil


This soup recipes is for the Springtime when at your local farmer market you can find the fresh chickpeas.Peeled them out their leaves, Put the gallon of water into a large pot, add the washed chickpeas into the water and bring to a soft boil, then boil them until tender, then with a help of a skimmer remove the foam appearance on top of the water. Carefully strained out the chickpeas and lay on a large sheet pan to chill on his own at room temperature, then can be refrigerated. With the cooking water of the chickpeas, add the half garlic cloves, the bay leaves sea salt let the water boil until the garlic will be tender, remove it strain the water into a large stainless container and start emulsify with a immersion blender, adding slowly the extra virgin olive oil. Keep in the refrigerator, at this point in a another small pot with salted boiling water blanch for few second the already clean and cut "Calamari" into large rings, remove the rings out of the boiling water and chilled in a ice water bath, remove it and keep it cover it in the refrigerator also; repeat the same procedure for the shrimp, but before blanching them cut them in half long wise and remove out any veins find in it. Wash them under cold water after the hot blanch, and keep it also in the refrigerator. Assembling the soup. In a large dish bowl put some of the cooked and chilled chickpeas, cover with the emulsify extra virgin olive oil-water, then garnished the soup by tossing in a separate small bowl the "Calamari" rings and the shrimp, seasoned them with sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, topped the chilled soup with it and sprinkle on with fine minced Italian parsley. This is a chilled soup excellent for summer dinner with a healthy refreshing twist.

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