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The "Ribollita"

"Ribollita" means re-boiled, the Tuscan tradition has bring from many years signing the history of the typical vegetable Italian "Minestrone" made for the day and use the left over to add more vegetable to re-boiled and incorporate oven toasted or grilled Tuscan bread at the end. The bread dissolve itself into the soup and absorb the vegetable liquid of the "minestrone" soup. Bread in Italy is consider almost the main product on the Italian table. Some chefs like to add fresh grated Parmesan at the also. But it will take away the nice aroma and flavor of the vegetables, like black kale, cannellini beans. The black kale on this soup cannot be missed, his ironing and mineral flavor give the originality of the "Ribollita".


Yield 16 portions of ounces per dish
2 Quarts of the Traditional "Minestrone" soup
1 medium yellow onion
2 each Jumbo carrots washed, clean and peeled
4 each stalks of celery washed, clean
6 sliced of Tuscan Bread old 1 day
1/2 cup of Extra virgin olive oil

Utensils & Equipments

The Tuscan "Ribollita"


In a medium size stainless steel casserole, let the diced "mirepoix" braised in the oil slowly until all the water will be evaporate and start to caramelized the bottom of the casserole pan, poor in the 2 quarts of your vegetable "minestrone" from day before, and let it heat it up until boiling. In the mean time place your sliced Tuscan bread in a regular sheet pan drizzled over some extra virgin olive oil and toasted in the oven until crispy gold color. Let the bread come back at room temperature lightly seasoned with fresh cracked sea salt and black pepper break it in regular pieces, add it to the soup. At this point lower the flame on the casserole, and simmer the soup by stirring it until the bread is completely smash and dissolve into the soup. Turn off the flame let the soup rest for 10 minutes before serving, by doing this all the aroma and flavor will coming back to regular temperature and will be more enjoyable to the taste. Just after place in a typical "Terracotta" dish drizzled an little more of oil on it. In Tuscany the last touch of the raw extra virgin olive oil on is the sign to be real Tuscan's.

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