The Soups Recipes

soup recipes

Tuscan "Minestrone" vegetable saoup

The Traditional "Ribollita"

The Traditional "Pappa al Pomodoro" garlic bread tomato basil soup
The "Garfagnana" Soup

The "acquacotta"Porcini mushrooms soup

The Farro (Tuscan Spelt wheat)Soup

Sundried tomato soup with Florentine spinach and ricotta cheese "Gnudi"

Asparagus soup with "prosciutto chip,"focaccia" bread crouton, porcini mushrooms air

Pumpkin soup with almond rubbed kale chips,pumpkin seeds oil

Green haricot vert soup with "prosciutto"wrapped scallops

Cook bread Soup "Pan Cotto"

Cauliflower soup served with puff pastry onion tart garlic "bottarga" foam, crispy basil.

Consume' di pollo con "julienne" di vegetali

Chill garbanzo beans soup garnished with shrimp and calamari marinated in a lemon extra virgin olive oil

Chilled tomato orange soup with wild arugola

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