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1 lb of extra fancy fine Semolina four
8 ounces of all purpose flour
8 ouces of cake flour
1 quart of regular cold water
1 fluid ounce of olive oil
2 ounces of sea salt

The traditional Tuscan Pici


Place all the dry ingredients in the mixing bowl small mixer, add the oil, salt then start mixing slowly with the hook attachment, gradually add the water until the gluten bowl is form, remove from the mixer bowl wrapped in plastic and let it rest for a hour, then start to rolled with a long large rolling pin until rich of one inch thick. Cut sheet of pasta dough half foot long, then let dry out for about ten minutes under a fan or in a well ventilated area of the kitchen, with the help of the wood rolling pin Pici cutter, pass over the almost dry pasta sheets to form the long Pici. You can do this operation even by cutting regular stripes out of the pasta sheets and then rolled with your palm hand on a wood working pasta table or marble surface. Pici is a pasta that does not have eggs, then it will absorb any sauces, to dry this pasta it will make longer cooking time in the water to cooked "al dente" you can freeze the portion and then cooked in a salted boiling water as you need it.


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Pasta Recipe

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