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Yield 5 portion of cooked potato cooked potato "gnocchi" scaled at 6 ounces per servings.

2 lb of potato "gnocchi"
1 quart of basil pesto sauce
fresh cracked black pepper corn
diced peeled Roma tomatoes

Potato "Gnocchi" in fresh basil pesto sauce


Prepare your gnocchi and fresh basil pesto sauce following the recipe linked on the ingredients site.
Bring a salted water pot to boil dump the potato gnocchi and as soon they will get on the surface of the water skimmed out and tossed in a large skillet with the chilled basil pesto, if you see the pesto is to thick you can add few small ladles of the boiling water to loose up the pesto, add few spoon of fresh grated Parmesan, served on dinner plate garnished with fresh cracked black pepper and th small diced cut of the peeled Roma tomatoes.

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