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Yield 10 portion of cooked pappardelle

2 lb of fresh Pappardelle Pasta dough
2 lb of fresh blue hare or wild rabbit
2 red medium onions
1 each celery
4 each jumbo carrots
6 each of fresh bay leaves
4 each of juniper berries
1.5 quart of burgundy red wine
2 ounces of fresh white truffles
1 lb of butter
2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup of dark chocolate 100% no sugar

White truffle butter tossed "Pappardelle" with blue hare ragout


Prepare your Blue hare or wild rabbit ragout:
Clean and remove all the bone out of the Blue hare and keep it on site; cut it in regular pieces, place the meat in a plastic container, add half of the celery cut in large pieces, 2 carrots and 1 onion add the juniper berries and the bay leaves, cover everything with the burgundy wine let it marinate over night, then place the the meat and the vegetable in the bag vacum sealed and sous vide at 145 degree F. for 120 minutes, In the mean time roast the bones in the oven with the rest of the vegetable then place them in a large pot add the 1/2 cup of tomato paste braised for few minutes, turn off let it rest. As soon the blue hare will be ready remove the meat out of the bag and add the vegetables and the cooked sous vide wine into the pot with the bones simmer for two hours, then blended strained and put the sauce in another sauce pan reduce ad add the cooked sous vide blu hare. With the left vegetables cut in small diced sauteed them and added to the sauce for garnish.
Roll out your Pappardelle pasta dough and with the wedges pasta roller cutter cut the wide Traditional Pappardelle stripes, cooked the pasta, melt the butter and zest the white truffles, tossed the pasta in the butter adding fresh grated Parmesan cheese, piled up in a bowl pasta plate allow a cavity with the help of the back of a ladle and scoop 4 ounces of blues hare ragout per portions.

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