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1 kg of flour 00
300 grams of granulated sugar
300 grams of lard
40 grams of fresh yeast
6 eggs
powered sugar

The Florentine Schiacciata


Start by putting the flour in the mixer with the diluted fresh yeast in warm water then adding water until the gluten dough is form into a nice elastic dough, remove from the mixing bowls and let rest on another bowl cover with a towel at a room temperature that rich 80 to 82 degrees F. The will triple the size then re put it into the mixture with the rest of the ingredients, mix until all the ingredients are incorporate into the original dough and the dough has rich again his elastic consistency.
Now basted the baking mold with olive oil all over and place the Schiacciata dough on it, rest the dough for half hour and then press it down to get to the edges of the baking pan, now rest it for two hour, then will be ready to bake at 350 F.for 32 minutes with no fan or low fan. As soon as is bake molded out on a sheet pan cover it with parchment paper turn on the face up chill it to room temperature and dusted with powered sugar.

Dessert Recipe

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