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1 batch recipe of "Pasta Frolla"
1 lb of almond paste or frangipane
2 lb of fresh plums
clear sugar glaze

The Plum tart


Roll out the "Pasta frolla" dough to 2 inch of thickness, cover a non stick tart mold with it, refrigerate for ten minutes, then put some dry beans on the surface of the tart dough, for making sure the dough will be cook evenly during the baking time. Preheat the oven at 300 F. and bake the shell tart for 22 minutes, cool it down, spread the almond paste evenly, then thin sliced the fresh plums and arrange like a fan on top of the almon paste, now mold out the tart and finished it by coating the plums with the sugar clear glaze.

Dessert Recipe

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