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1 batch of puff pastry
6 each Bosc pears
3 liter of Chianti wine
2 cup of granulated sugar
1 each cinnamon stick
1 each vanilla beans
couple star anise
1 shot of anisette
1 cup of almond paste
1 cup of pastry cream
1/2 quart of almond gelato
1 cup of heavy cream
fresh strawberries for garnishes

Warm puff pastry wrapped poached pear, drizzled with Port wine glaze, garnished with almond gelato, whipping cream and fresh strawberry


Wash and peeled the Bosc pear, put the skin and the peeled pears all together with the sugar, cinnamon stick, star anise and vanilla beans in a large pot, then put a plate on it and cover completely with the Chianti wine and the shot of anisette liquor.Put the pot over a medium flame and start simmering until the pears will be done about a 45 minutes. Remove the pears from the liquid and let cool down, keep the wine liquid reduce until sirupy consistency, then strain into a fine mesh sieve and chilled down, fill into a squeeze bottle ready for decoration of the dish. Cut the poached pears in half remove the seeds and the core.
Roll out the puff pastry about 1/2 inch of thickness cut in large square and brush with melted butter mix it with the almond paste, drop a touch of pastry cream in the center of the square and let it seat the poached pear. Wrap each pear with the edges of the puff pastry dough, brush the surface again with just melted butter, cut in regular stripe trough the dough, refrigerate for half hour. In the mean time warm a convection oven to 300 F. then sprinkle with sugar on the top and bake the pear for 22 minutes. Remove the pear out of the oven let it cool down for 5 to 6 minutes and served with a scoop of almond "gelato", topped with fresh whipped cream and the fresh strawberry, drizzled around with the squeeze bottle the Chianti wine glaze all over the dish.

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