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2 lb of Sponge cake
1 lb of pastry cream
2 cup of bitter sweet chocolate
1 cup of blanched hazelnuts
4 ounces of unsalted butter
1 cup of regular cocoa powered
4 egg whites
{For the meringue spread on top} 420 grams of granulated sugar
300 grams of egg whites



Make the sponge cake following the recipe linked on the ingredients section, cover the sphere mold.
Prepare a soaking liquid for the sponge by reducing 200 grams of water with 100 grams of sugar, adding flavor like star anise and rum liquor. Chilled the liquid and then soaked with a brush the sponge cake already lay out on the sphere mold. Keep in the refrigerator.
Prepare now the pastry cream following the link recipe on the ingredients section
Toasted the blanched hazelnut and then finely ground them, added to the 2 cup of bitter sweet chocolate melted with the butter, refrigerate the mixture for 5 minutes and then shape a small balls and rolled into a cocoa power; keep it in the refrigerator
For the assembling of the "zuccotto":
Put the pastry cream in a large pastry bag with a regular tip, pipe on the soaked chilled sponge cake layers over the inside sphere mold, put the chocolate-hazelnut balls in the middle of the cream, then cover it with more sponge cake and then soaked the bottom top. Refrigerate.
At this point make the meringue by whipping into the mixer the granulated sugar and the eggs white with the salt, spread it with a small spatula on the molded out zuccotto, and torched just before serving, garnishing with fresh berries and raspberries coulis.The top part can be also garnish with crumble of the sponge cake and then dusted with powered sugar like the presentation of the picture on the back ground of this recipe page.

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