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8 ounces cut black cod filet skin on
1 inch cut long wade Italian green zucchini
2 ounces red beet puree
1 ounce ladle of reduce manufactured cream
1 teaspoon of saffron powered
1 each of lemon juice
sea salt and black pepper
2 ounces ladle of olive oil

Pan roasted Black cod with grilled green zucchini ring, filled with beets puree, lemon saffron sauce


For the red beet pure:
wash and trim the red beets, wrapped in aluminum foil and baked in the oven at 325 degrees for approximately two hours. After easily remove the skin, cut it in equal pieces and blended with the one ounce ladle of reduce cream.Keep in warm place ready to serve
On a hot non-stick skillet with the oil place in the middle of the pan the filet of black cod with the skin down and let the skin become nice and crispy, to make sure the fish does not stick on the pan, make to incision cut on the skin to allow the heat penetrate on the fish meat and don't break the skin, some cases you can light flour the skin of the fish to make even a nice gold color, need to watch the fish, usually it will take around a minute and half before you can turn the fish and finish evenly to be cook and juicy. In the center of the plate present the hot filet of black cod with the skin up and next to it the grilled zucchini ring filled with the beet pure, drizzled the emulsion of lemon juice with lemon saffron water and olive oil

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