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1 each beef oxtail
1 each yellow medium onion
3 stalk of celery
2 each jumbo carrots
1 each garlic clove peeled
2 glass of olive oil
2 cup of red wine
2 juniper berries
1 cup of beef demiglace
2 table spoon of tomato paste
2 cup of sweet green peas
1 cup of rice pilaf

Braised beef oxtail with sweet green peas and rice pilaf


After open the bag of the oxtail dry the moister with a clean towel. Marinated over night with the wine, one carrot and one stalk of celery chopped add few garlic cloves, the juniper berries, making sure all the oxtail will be cover by the wine marinate.The following day removed the oxtail from the marinated dry it again with a towel, floured and seared on a hot fry pan to obtain a light crust, set it on the side. I a casserole chopped fine the marinated vegetable without the juniper berries, sauteed until soft translucent then add the tomato paste spoons, continuing cooking and stirring for few minutes, strain in the wine from the marinate together with the beef demi-glace. Bring to boil and simmer until start reducing. In half deep pan put the seasoned seared pieces of oxtail and cover with the liquid wine reduction with the braised vegetables, cover with parchment paper sealed with aluminum foil and place in the preheated oven at 325 degree, cook for two hours until soft. Let the oxtail rest a hour after cooking, then remove it from the cooking liquid, blend the liquid and strained in the chinoix or sieve, re put in a sauce pan and reduce by half. Re place the cooked beef oxtail on the reduce blended liquid and simmer for few minutes. Chopped in regular diced the rest of the vegetables and sauteed them on the side in a separate skillet, then added to braised oxtail. Prepare the sweet green peas by sweating them with olive oil, salt and pepper over a low flame until all the water will evaporate and the peas will release their own natural sugar. Served then the beef braised oxtail with the peas and a side of rice pilaf.

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