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8 ounces center cut beef filet tenderloin
1 each of Portobello mushrooms
2 cup of beef Demi-glace
1 cup of Chianti wine
4 ounces of cooked Italian ham
1 cup of manufactured cream
2 whole eggs
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 each of one boiled garlic clove
sea salt & crashed black pepper
Few leafs of fresh chopped Italian parsley
2 inch sliced of a large golden Yukon Potatoe

Sauteed beef filet on square baked potatoe, italian ham mousseline and Chianti wine sauce


For the Mushrooms:
Wash and clean the Portobello mushrooms, then blanched in a boiling water until soft enough, a paring knife will go thru. Remove the stem and blended in the food processor with the boiled garlic clove, add a touch room temperature butter for consistency and texture, salt to taste and then the fresh chopped Italian parsley. Filled the mushroom cavity with this stuffing, set as side in the refrigerator.Baked at 350 for 6 minutes just before serving(read assembling of the dish)
For the Chianti wine sauce:
Put the beef demi-glace with the Chianti wine in a sauce pan and reduce the liquid by half of the original volume.
For the Italian ham mousselline
In stainless still bowl put the cream with the just the yolk of the eggs and nutmeg, cooking in top of bane Marie until the cream start thickening,chilled in a ice water bath, add the processed Italian ham, mix well, then whip the egg whites and slowly incorporate into this mixture, keep the mousselline at room temperature.
For the square baked potato:
Peeled the large potatoes trim equal the side to square and cut in half,rub the two square potato pieces into soft unsalted butter, wrapped in alluminum foil and baked for 20 minutes at 350 degree. Remove from the and let cool down at room temperature
Assembling the dish:
Grilled to medium rare the 8 ounces cut beef tenderloin, poor the Chianti wine sauce on the middle of the plate, then with the ring place the square potato first, cover with the Italian ham, add the rested grilled beef filet and then topped with the baked Portobello mushrooms