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Yield 10 portion of cooked garganelli scale at 5 ounce per serving before cooking it

2 lb of fresh made "Garganelli"
1 lb of fresh ricotta cheese
sea salt and ground black pepper
1.5 quart of lamb ragout

Hand made "Garganelli" tossed with fresh ricotta cheese on lamb ragout


Make your "garganelli" pasta.
Prepare the lamb ragout following the recipe linked on the ingredient site.In a bowl put the fresh ricotta with sea salt and ground black pepper adding the fresh fine chopped parsley.
Cook the "garganelli" in salted boiling water pot. Strained out and tossed in the bowl with the fresh ricotta seasoned mixture add just a little drizzled of the extra virgin olive oil, and present each portions on a 4 ounces ladle of warm lamb ragout.

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