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2 lb of fresh pasta for spaghetti or pappardelle
1 cup of egg wash

The "Garganelli"


Roll the fresh pasta at 2 millimeter of thickness, cut it into regular 4 inch x inch regular squares. Take the corner and brush it with egg wash, rolled on wood spoon handle and then give each the ridges stripes by using the wood "garganelli" tool, let dry the pasta on tray dusted with fine semolina flour before cooking. You can blanch the pasta in hot water for one minute and then flash freeze it right way by placing in a oil it stainless steel tray, to make sure they don't stick and put the garganelli all separated during the freezing time, as soon as they all freeze than you can store in a plastic bag and keep it in the freezer until you ready to prepare for the next recipe.

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Pasta Recipe

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