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1 kg of dry Linguine pasta.
2 cloves of garlic.
1 bunch of Italian parsley.
1 cup of olive oil.
1 glass of white wine.
1 cup of tomato sauce.
1/2 cup of white wine.
1/2 cup of fish fumet.
2 each prawns.
2 ounces of scallops 20/30 size.
2 ounces of manila clams.
2 ounces of black mussels.
1 ounce of rock shrimp.
2 each Roma tomatoes.

Linguine with the fruit of the sea.


Clean and wash the clams and black mussels under cold running water.
Chopped the garlic and the Italian parsley keep them in separate bowls.
Wash clean and peeled the Roma tomatoes and cut it in diced.
Cut the prawns butterfly and seasoned with sea salt and black ground pepper
In a large skillet heat it up the olive oil add the garlic then the parsley and add the wine with the fish fumet, and the tomato sauce start simmering and as soon as you see start to boil add the mussels and clams into the liquid, lower the flame under the skillet, and cover it wit a lid. let the shell fish steam slowly to release their own water, at this point remove the shell fish out of the liquid and keep some of them with the shells on for garnished the pasta dish and the rest of the shell discard it and the shell meat back into the liquid, start to cook the linguine in hot salted boiling water until "Al dente" texture, in the mean time reduce the liquid on the skillet and adding the peeled and chopped Roma tomatoes; place the jumbo prawns on the grilled with the shell down and the meat up, then added also to into the skillet followed with the rock shrimp and the fresh scallops, before adding the cooked Linguine remove the prawns and just plated on the edge sizes of a large dinner plate, then add the Liguine pasta into the reduce liquid and sauteed them until the pasta will absorb evenly the liquid turn off the flame add some more fresh chopped parsley, follow it by few drops of extra virgin olive oil, piled up the pasta on the center of the plate covering the body of the prawns and garnished with the rest of mussels and clams with the shells on, dusted with more chopped parsley on top serve.

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