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2Lb of large eggplant
4 ounces of fresh "Mozzarella Cheese"
1 cup of manufactured cream
fry oil
3 tea spoon of Calcium Lactate
4 gram of Sodium Alginate
6 ounces of fresh egg pasta dough
fry oil 1 bunch of basil chiffonade

Molecular "Italian Burrata cheese" in a baked pasta cup.


Reduce the manufactured cream in a sauce pan by fifty percent, then chilled at 41 degrees, put the fresh "mozzarella" cut in equal pieces in a food processor and blended until smooth, add it to the reduce chilled cream, At this point add to this mixture the teas spoons of Calcium Lactate and keep in the refrigerator for a hour. In the mean time prepare the Alginate sodium bath; mix the 4 grams of Alginate sodium with 4 cups of water, blended together, then set aside for 15 minutes. Using a perforate small spoon scoop out the chilled cream mixture and dropped gently into the sodium rested bath to create equal small sphere of "Italian Burrata cheese". Rinse the obtain small sphere in a regular water bath to remove the sodium on the surface of the sphere. Roll very thin a layer of fresh pasta dough and cover a small "tartalette" mold and bake at 350 degrees preheat oven, as soon is ready remove from the oven and chilled until room temperature. Place the obtain spherical small "burrata" and garnished with the crispy fried basil chiffonade.

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