Appetizers & Amuse Bouche.

Appetizers,Amuse bouche Recipes

Lemon and pepper marinated tiger shrimp on a cucumber cup

Steamed clams with hollandaise sauce and crispy prosciutto

Mozzarella in Carrozza" Chicken liver "crostini" with capers and marsala wine sauce Salty cod quenelle on garbanzo beans and extra virgin olive oil

Baked artichokes with scramble eggs and Parmigiano Reggiano"

Grappa Cured Salmon on cucumbers, lemon citronette and greens.
Tossed fava beans with "Tuscan Pecorino", toasted walnut, micro greens and extra virgin olive oil

Shaved Asparagus nest with quail eggs and white truffle oil

Veal leaver terrine on Mache' lettuce with balsamic glaze

Aged Balsamic jelly and bell pepper pesto

Thin sliced beef cured "Bresaola" with whole grain mustard dressed baby spinach and shaved parmesan cheese

Green Zucchini scapece with shaved ricotta "salata"

Red wine vinegar marinated watermelon

Crispy fried smelts with Italian polenta and garnished with wild baby arugula leaf

Grape tomato filled with orange mustard and black olive

Hand made burrata on red wine vinegar marinated perked pear gazpacho.

Barley and shrimp salad with parsley oil

Crab salad on avocado shell

Rosemary shrimp skewers on vegetable "Macedonia" marinated with balsamic vinegar

Beef tenderloin "Carpaccio" with Parmesan cheese basket filled with arugula salad

Tuscan "fettunta" with fresh "porcini" mushrooms and Italian "groviera" cheese

Italian Bacon wrapped pear served with goat cheese cracker "Millefoglie" port wine sauce

Chicken & mushrooms terrine on Mache lettuce

Heirlomm tomato and Italian "burrata"tower.

Ahi Tuna Tartare with olive crackers and bell pepper relish tower

Eggplant croquette on red bell pepper coulis

Molecular "Burrata" on pasta cup with crispy julienne basil

Olive oil poached artichoke filled tuna on oven dried tomato

Shrimp croquette on sweet green peas pure

Crispy fried spinach fondant with oven dried prosciutto

Chicken "foe gras" on warm artichoke tart and port wine sauce

Raw Ahi tuna on strawberries-horseradish sherbet

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