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Grilled Octopus Salad

Insalata di fagioli borlotti con tonno,gamberi e calamari olio e limone

Gamberi marinati all'olio e limone con l'insalata d'orzo

Albacore tuna chick salad tossed with cannellini beans and baby arrugola

Italian "cannellini" beans salad with shrimp

The pumpkin and arugula salad with goat cheese and balsamic glaze

Chicken salad with seasonal vegetable in a soy sauce

Roasted red beets with poached pear,candy almonds and mache lettuce salad, garnished with garlic shrimp on honey gorgonzola cheese dressing

Crispy fried Calamari tossed with shaved lemon and wild baby arrugola

Vine ripe tomatoes tossed with orange segments, shaved raw green zucchini,marinated red onions,mixed green,aged ricotta cheese in a light red wine vinaigrette

Shaved baby artichoke tossed with fresh shaved Parmigiano Reggiano with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil

Steamed quinoa in "Carta Fata" tossed with summer baby heirloom cherry tomatoes,red onions, cucumbers and extra virgin olive oil

The Tuscan "Panzanella" salad

Vine ripe organic cherry tomato salad,shaved red onions, oregano, basil and cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Tuscany "prosciutto" with arugola and shave Parmesan cheese salad

Raw shaved fresh porcini and asparagus salad with "parmigiano Reggiano" and D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive oil

Marinated julienne of yellow bell peppers salad in a raspberry mustard and basil Oil

Grapefruit filled with crab meat angel hair salad and basil extra virgin olive oil

Warm steamed green haricot vert tossed with shrimp and lemon with extra virgin olive oil.

Rolled breast of chicken filled with peppers, black olives and marinated mushrooms served with mixed greens and balsamic glaze.

Roasted assorted vegetable salad with shaved pecorino cheese and drizzled truffle olive oil.

Julienne steamed green zucchini, carrots and Daikon root with baby spinach in a orange-horse-radish citronette

Steamed asparagus salad tossed with fresh fava beans, roasted potatoes and diced "Toscano" pecorino drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Chilled eggplant "caponata" salad with cut penne pasta, honey balsamic dressing, and greens.

Hand made Italian "Burrata" on wild baby arugola and roasted yellow and red beets salad.

Maccheroni salad tossed with roasted garlic mustard aioli, bell peppers, cucumbers, black olives, celery, green zucchini, raisins and crispy dry spinach

Snow crab meat salad on tomato & bell pepper "gazpacho".

Lemon zested steamed shrimp on mango and Mitzuna salad, mango citronette.

Shaved fennel and arugula salad with Parmesan and white truffle lemon citronette

Chilled tossed "Spaghetti" with albacore tuna and lemon parsley citronette

Organic baby kale salad with sheered Tuscan "Pecorino" cheese and crispy pork belly

White balsamic marinated grilled onions, with summer peach,tomatoes and mixed green salad

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